california ♥

I visited the west coast and got to meet some long-time friends for the first time!

Spending just four days in LA didn't seem like long enough--I saw so much but still left wanting more. Although the weather was rainy for half of my trip, seeing the sun come out and making all the streets and palm trees shine left me breathless. Amazing food (tried elote and *omg*), great friendships, and a beautiful city.

 All the songs I've heard about LA are pretty accurate; if I were a native, I would live and die there too.


Talk about the wedding of my dreams.

I was graciously invited to capture this lovely couple's, Amy and Ted, wedding day in gorgeous Cozumel, Mexico. My very first "workcation"! Such good food (and margaritas), folks, and beaches on beaches and beaches! Everything felt perfect and surreal.

I met and stayed with their family for a week, who welcomed me warmly and made me feel at home away from home.

I'll never forget this trip. I'll never forget this opportunity. I'll never forget this couple--Amy and Ted's love shined effortlessly every time I got the chance to interact with them. Man, they are just so into each other. That's something you don't see everyday! It's a love and intimacy that's meant to be cherished.

Take a sneak peek into their world below.


Glenna + Ben: Summer Glow

I photographed this wonderful couple, Glenna + Ben, for their wedding day on a gorgeous summer day last weekend.

Glenna + Ben were energetic and kind--totally effortless in their posing and grace. This was such a fun day for me to shoot. The love and warmth I received from them and their families will always be remembered.

Check out a sneak peek below! The portraits of the groom are by my second photographer, Amie Brink.

Portrait Session: Kickin' It with Caleb

Last week, I got to hang out with this guy named Caleb to take some portraits of him for his 16th birthday. Caleb has a relaxed and quiet air about him, but he opened up to me pretty quickly: we discussed his future plans for college; his interests in fashion, modeling, and photography; and his current extracurriculars in high school. He's a well-rounded kid and I admire him for handling his biz.

We explored the ins and outs of Ponce City Market (which is the coolest spot ever--if you live in Atlanta, it's a place you definitely gotta go!) in Midtown and walked the Atlanta Beltline to the Fourth Ward Skate Park. As I was snapping away, Caleb was eager to come up with his own ideas for interesting locations and engaging poses--which I loved! Bouncing ideas off of my clients is my favorite part about what I do.

I'm happy that I was able to capture Caleb's essence and I wish him the best 16th birthday!

Becky + Valerie: A Budding Spring Wedding

Last weekend, I got the opportunity to shoot a wedding at the magnificent Rhodes Hall in Midtown Atlanta. As a student at SCAD, I walked past the grand castle-esque building everyday, wishing to one day step inside.

Thanks to the energy of the lovely brides, Becky + Valerie, it was a wedding to remember: simple yet elegant, quiet yet intimate. I'm honored to have met such a wonderful couple whose love fills up an entire room! 

Check out a sneak peek below.