Photographer of Color: Bee Walker

I. adore. Bee. Walker.

Being the photo nerd that I am, I get excited (ahem--obsessed) when I discover new photographers of color, especially when that photog is a black woman. Because, you know, according to Queen Beyonce, "we slay". 

While browsing through Bey's sister + amazing artist Solange's marvelous Instagram feed, I came across Bee Walker's photography. She is based in NYC and her documentary style of shooting tends to portray the ordinary people she captures in an extraordinary light. Her studio portraits are my favorite; her subjects are moody, attractive, and undeniably cool. She shoots in medium format (in case you doubted how awesome she really is) with each of her series following a particular color scheme. Check out some of my favorite images below. You can find her portfolio here and her Instagram here.

Images by Bee Walker.