Style Never Stops for the Rain

I'm really into collaborations with other creatives. In order to thrive professionally, you have to exchange ideas and let your energy flow with other like-minded people. It's one of the most important lessons I've taken to heart in the past couple of years and this has led me to creating some amazing photographs.

I recently started working with a fashion blogger based here in ATL, by the name of Erica Aaron. Her style is simple, timeless and the perfect blend of "grown and sexy". She's revamping her fashion blog (stay tuned for it!) and asked me to help her create new images for her outfits.

I've dabbled in fashion blogging myself in the past--and I've actually been thinking about getting back--and Erica will be the source of that inspo!

We had our first session in the gritty but chic area of West Midtown this past weekend. Unfortunately, we got rained out so we had to cut it super short (15 minutes of shooting!) but just remember this: style never stops for the rain.